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Judul: 솔약국집 아들들 / Solyakgukjip Adeuldeul / The Sons of Sol Pharmacy House
Judul Lainnya: My Too Perfect Sons
Judul Mandarin: 松藥店的兒子們
Genre: Romance, family
Jumlah Episode: 54
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Judul: 오! 필승 봉순영 / O! Pil-seung Bong Soon-yeong
Judul Mandarin: OH 必勝奉順英
Judul Lainnya: Oh! Feel Young, Feel so young
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance
Jumlah Episode: 16

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Judul: 101번째 프로포즈 / 101st Proposal
Judul Mandarin: 101次求婚
Judul Lainnya: My Perfect Girl
Genre: Romance
Jumlah Episode: 15
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