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Posted on: May 2, 2011

Judul: 여름향기 / Yeoreum Hyanggi / Summer Scent
Judul Mandarin: 夏日香气
Judul Lainnya: Summer Breeze / Endless Love 3
Genre: Romance
Jumlah Episode: 20
Related TV shows: Autumn Tale, Spring Waltz, Winter Sonata

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Judul: 가을동화 / Gaeul Donghwa / Autumn Tale
Judul Mandarin: 秋天的童话 / 蓝色生死恋
Judul Lainnya: Endless Love 1 / Autumn in My Heart
Genre: Drama, Romance
Jumlah Episode: 16
Rating: (peak) (46.1%) (average: 38.6%)

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